Director Sajan Agarwal recorded Ek Ladki Song staring Aman Verma Ruchi Gujjar and Jubin Saha

The Song recording of emotional & heart breaking hindi video album Ek Ladki Staring Aman Verma, Gorgeous actress Ruchi Gujjar and Jubin Saha held at Krishna Studio Mumbai under the banner of Filmy Clap Production house. The Beautiful lyrics panned and directed by bollywood very talented Director Sajan Agarwal. The song composed by Sumit Saha and sung by Singer Rishabh Giri.  It’s being produced by Guruji Kailash Raigar.

Director Sajan Agrawal recorded his second song after Maa O Maa which mark comeback of Mandakini in Bollywood. Director Sajan Agarwal introducing Ruchi Gujjar through this video. Aman Verma Ruchi Gujjar and Jubin Saha will grove on Director Sajan Agarwal tune.

Ruchi Gujjar Aman Verma and Jubin Saha will be seen in love triangle story. The song will shoot at beautiful location in Mumbai. Before the end of year 2022 audience will get fabulous treat of this Most heart breaks & emotional Bollywood Song which is conceptualize by Sajan Agarwal.

It clearly indicates that Ruchi Gujjar and Jubin Saha is a rising star in Bollywood.

Director Sajan Agarwal recorded Ek Ladki Song staring Aman Verma Ruchi Gujjar and Jubin Saha

Jaya Sawant the mother of Producer Director Rakesh Sawant and Actress Rakhi Sawant admitted to hospital For Major operation Open Heart Surgery

Jaya Sawant the mother of Producer Director Rakesh  Sawant and Actress Rakhi Sawant Aged 72 has been admitted to hospital At  Criti Care Juhu For Major operation Open Heart Surgery for which appx. operation cost is whooping 6Lakhs.

We the team on News Broadcasting Service and  Wonder Web World Pray to God For the successful operation and speedy recovery.

Jaya Sawant the mother of Producer Director Rakesh  Sawant and Actress Rakhi Sawant.

Stylist Sneha Mundkur An Entrepreneur

Sneha Mundkur is a Fashion Stylist and a Designer. She did her Fashion Styling from Fad International Pune in 2011.In the initial start of her career she has assisted and interned with many known stylists from this field.This helped her learn,grow and mould herself into the stylist she is today.In 2012 she established her brand SSM -Stylist Sneha Mundkur.

She did some short courses with  London School Of Trends in the recent years to keep herself updated.

Not many know this about her but she has been designing and styling for friends and family since 2002.But has been an outstanding Illustrator from the age of 12.She quoted “I remember when my father passed away in 1999,my world had shattered(I was just 11)… But it was my doggies and my love for illustration and fashion that really pulled me through it all.My mother would support me by getting all the stationary I required even when times were difficult.”

I remember people telling me ‘that the fashion world isn’t for people like you(Fat,Soft Hearted Empaths) and that you won’t survive in it’.

With no support system from this field who would understand Or help me cope, with all the body shamming, verbal and mental abuse I went through silently over the years(and actually I still go through it sometimes) … All I have to say to the haters everywhere is  that yes it wasn’t easy;you guys didn’t make it easy either but Thank You for that. You made me the fighter I am today,gave me the right kind of push and helped me with this mindset “that yes it isn’t easy but it isn’t impossible either” Which has not only helped me in my professional life but also in my personal life. I am proud of myself for having my own back, never giving up and to have not only survived but conquered silent battles at every stage. Now I just see it as lessons I had to learn from to grow as a person and were here to only make me better and stronger.

10yrs of survival in this field,all my hardwork and with all the good and bad experiences kept aside…when I see my clients content again…without any kind of insecurities, who can’t stop smiling due to the joy they’re feeling,being amazed at how they look and feel on the inside, seeing them falling in love with themselves all over again, acknowledging and understanding the importance of self-love and self-care…I would say that is the real success to me.

She has done several shoots since 2012 be it commercial, personal, wedding, food, product and prop styling.She has also been the Stylist for a marathi film and an assistant stylist for an upcoming bollywood film with an A-List bollywood star cast.She has done music videos, Ramp shows for Launches of Brands,been a model groomer who’s models have entered the marathi film and television industry,mentored many upcoming stylists and the list goes on.

The Essence of Styling is to Create and Make a Long Lasting Impactful Impression by Creating a Complete Look from Hair, Make Up, Attire, Footwear and Accessories that are In Tune with the Individual’s Personality, Comfort and is Apt for every event or occasion.

I Absolutely live by these quotes

  • Empowered Women Empower Women.
  • If your Content with who you are…. You are Confident.If your confident… You will be Comfortable with whatever you wear.When your comfortable with whatever you wear from head to toe you will not only make the complete look desirable but you become Impeccably Desirable to others . Recently Sneha has also joined WEE-Pune group.

Email id:

Insta page:

Edited by: Chaitali Chatterjee

Stylist Sneha Mundkur An Entrepreneur

Nitin Desai heralds post covid era with cultural MahaUtsav at ND Studios end-April, pays musical tribute to Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar

Four-time National Award-winning and three three-time Filmfare winning Veteran Art Director Nitin Desai is once again a Newsmaker. This time for organising the MahaUtsav to bring out the art,  culture and heritage  of Maharashtra  encompassing a musical  tribute to Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar at the sprawling 52 acre ND Film Studios at  Karjat.

On from April 28-May 1 (11am-10pm), the  art, culture, drama,movies, food and films, the MahaUtsav as the name suggests promises workshops, fashion et al as well. The Glitterati of Tinsel Town will obviously descend at the Festival, given Nitin Desai’s illustrious career  spanning over two decades with cult films like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Lagaan, Devdas, 1942 — A Love Story,  Jodhaa Akbar, Parinda, Khamoshi, Maachis, Slumdog Millionaire, Such A Long Journey,   and recent megastarrers like Prem Ratan Dhan Payo among many others.  Nitin Desai is revered and appreciated for his work with directors like Ashutosh Gowarikar, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Sooraj R Barjatya,  Rajkumar Hirani and Sanjay Leela Bhansali among others.

Considering that this festival is a tribute to the glorious  history of Maharashtra, looks like we are in for a colourful cultural extravaganza to welcome the post covid era.

Nitin Desai heralds post covid era with  cultural  MahaUtsav at ND Studios end-April, pays musical  tribute to Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar


~The carnival will be onfrom24th to 27thFeb, 2022~

~ Bollywood actress Nia Sharma to grace the grand finale of the carnival~

India, February 21, 2021: Asia’s largest offshore gaming and entertainment destination, Deltin Royale – Goa, is all set to host India’s Largest Gaming Carnival from February 24th to27th, 2022. The gaming carnival will coincide with the famous‘Goa Carnival’ scheduled from the 26th of Feb to the 1st of March; tourists from all over the world flock to Goa to witness the carnival every year. Bollywood actress Nia Sharma will gracethe grand finale of the gaming carnival onboard Deltin Royale and she will also felicitate the winners.

Riding high on the spirits of thrilling and exciting gaming experience, the Gaming Carnival welcomesthe avid gamers as well as the thrill seekers to participate in various genres of live gaming & try their luck at winning & taking home grandprizes such as the newBMW X3 car, MG Hector, Luxurywatches,iPhones and lots more.Combined with Deltin’s iconic hospitality, world class entertainment, gourmet food and free flowing beverages, the carnival will be open to all gaming enthusiasts who can walk- in and choose to play a variety of games being offered at the casino floor and indulge in the finest services onboard.

Speaking on the carnival, Mr. Anil Malani, CEO, Deltin, said, “We are thrilled to host this year’s most awaited Gaming Carnival and, as always, look forward to giving our guests an unforgettable experience.The gaming enthusiastswill have a perfect setting totry their luck and win an exciting line-up of grand prizes,in a safe and comfortable environment”

With best-in-class safety protocol ‘BestAssured’ in place and adherence to all covid safety guidelines, Deltin Royale, ensures a seamless and anxiety-free experience for allguests.‘Deltin’ is the leader and the most appreciated brand in the luxury gaming segment and is a recipient of many prestigious awards and accolades.

Interested players can book their visit or by contacting the customer service desk @ 98196 98196.


लता दीदींसाठी बनवलेल्या अनोख्या कला संग्रहासाठी दान! कर्करोगाशी लढा देत असलेल्या मुलांच्या जीवनाला आकार देण्यासाठी CPAA. समाजसेवक डॉ.अनिल काशी मुरारकानी दिली अनमोल श्रद्धांजली !

भारतरत्न आणि अमर स्वर नाइटिंगेल स्वर्गीय लता मंगेशकर आज आपल्यात नाहीत.  पण लतादीदींची भावना प्रत्येकाच्या हृदयात आहे आणि कायम राहील.  त्यांचे कार्य आणि गाणी विश्वाच्या आणि या जगाला आयुष्याच्या शेवटपर्यंत स्मरणात राहतील.  प्रत्येकजण आपापल्या परीने दीदींना आदरांजली वाहतो आहे.  आणि यावेळी समाजसेवक डॉ.अनिल काशी यांनी एका उदात्त प्रयत्नाचा, खऱ्या माणुसकीचा मुरारका यांचा परिचय करून दिला.

होय, लतादीदींना जो कलासंग्रह सादर करायचा होता तो अपूर्णच राहिला, पण डॉ. अनिल यांनी दीदींसाठी गोळा केलेली कला कर्करोगाशी झुंजणाऱ्या मुलांचे आयुष्य घडवण्यासाठी मदत म्हणून दान केली.  यापेक्षा चांगली श्रद्धांजली असू शकते.

अनिल काशी मुरारका यांनी भारतरत्न लता मंगेशकर यांच्या 35 कलाकृती कॅन्सर पेशंट सपोर्ट असोसिएशन, कलाकार राज सैनी यांना कॅन्सर रुग्णांच्या मदतीसाठी दान केल्या आहेत.

मुरारका यांच्या निर्मितीची साडेतीन वर्षांहून अधिक काळ काळजीपूर्वक रचना केली गेली आहे.  मुरारका यांनी खुलासा केला, “मला दीदींना भेटवस्तू द्यायची होती, पण हे माझे दुर्दैव आहे की मी ते त्यांच्या कमळाच्या चरणी सादर करू शकले नाही. यापुढील सर्वोत्तम गोष्ट म्हणजे कर्करोगग्रस्त मुलांचे जीवन उज्ज्वल करणे. हा माझा सर्वात मोठा उपक्रम आहे.”

CPAA च्या कार्यकारी निर्देशक अनिता पीटर उत्साहित आहेत आणि म्हणतात “आम्ही डॉ. अनिल काशी मुरारका यांच्या अप्रतिम उपक्रमाने खूप उत्साहित झालो आहोत. आम्ही CPAA येथे, मेक अर्थ ग्रीन अगेन मेगा फाऊंडेशनच्या सहकार्याने, आमच्या रूग्ण आणि प्रसिद्ध गायकांसह एक मैफिली आयोजित करतो. जिथे आम्ही पेंटिंगचा लिलाव देखील आयोजित करू. आम्ही लवकरच हा कार्यक्रम प्रत्यक्षात आणण्यासाठी काम करत आहोत. हे उदात्त कार्य पूर्ण करण्यासाठी आम्हाला डॉ. अनिल काशी मुरारका यांच्यासारख्या अधिक लोकांची गरज आहे.

———-Naarad PR and Image Strategists,

Anusha Srinivasan iyer: 9820535230, 9028798374

Siddhant: 9833775230

Vedant: 89285 55529


Donation for a unique art collection made for Lata Didi –  CPAA to shape the lives of children battling cancer  Invaluable tribute paid by social worker Dr  Anil Kashi Murarkani